Pricing and Terms

Base price is $4500. The base model utilizes the following:
  • East Indian rosewood back and sides.
  • Spanish cedar or Honduran Mahogany neck, laminated in the “Gilbert flip” style, with the center laminate strip consisting of a flatsawn piece of hardwood that adds to the structural integrity of the neck and ties into the overall aesthetic of the rest of the guitar. Neck elevation of 9mm at the 12th fret is standard on my guitars. The amount of elevation can be raised or lowered at the customer’s request.
  • Ebony fingerboard fretted with Gold Evo 110 fretwire.
  • Customer’s choice of western red cedar, Engelmann spruce, or Sitka spruce for the top,
  • Gotoh Deluxe tuners.
  • Arched hardshell case with green plush interior.
  • Finish: Entire guitar in french polish is standard; Tru-Oil varnish on the neck is available at no extra charge. For reasons due to limitations in my own working environment, I cannot myself use nitrocellulose lacquer, but I do know people local to me that do have a suitable working environment for lacquer and are experts in it’s application, so that can be an option either for the whole guitar or just the back and sides. If you think you need the initial extra protection lacquer provides or simply prefer it, inquire. I say “initial” because it is my belief and conviction based on experience that, over time, french polish ultimately is as durable as lacquer, it just requires a bit of common sense care.

A $500 deposit is required. If there is an upgrade in tuners and case, the actual cost of those will need to be included in the deposit. At that time, an estimated completion date will be given. A password protected blog will be set up on this site, and the customer will have access to that blog, where I will periodically post photos during the building process. The balance of $4000 plus the actual shipping cost + $50 for shipping materials is due at completion. When I have received the balance, I will carefully pack the guitar w/case to exceed FedEx standards and ship fully insured FedEx Ground, which I have never had a problem with. Upon receipt of the guitar, you have 3 days to evaluate it. Getting 2nd opinions from teacher, friend, peers, etc. is encouraged, but please no golpes or Nikita Koshkin drum rolls during this time. If at the end of the 3 days you find the guitar is not for you, contact me to let me know, pack it exactly the way you received it and send it back to me fully insured FedEx Ground at your expense, providing me with the tracking number. Upon receipt and satisfactory inspection of the guitar, I will refund the monies paid, minus the $500 deposit and my actual cost of shipping to you. If there were upgrades in tuners and a case, the actual cost of those will be refunded upon resale of the guitar. The $500 deposit will also be refunded upon resale of the guitar. If any damage to the guitar occurred while in possession of the buyer during the evaluation, the cost of repair and/or devaluation will be assessed by me and subtracted from the refund.

String spacing, nut width, desired action, types of trim and decor, etc., feel free to communicate your preferences on these but try to stay reasonably within the norm. “Custom” orders are not subject to my return policy and it is at my discretion to decide what is custom and what is within the norm. “Custom” may include any of the following: scale lengths less than 645mm or greater than 655mm, nut width less than 51mm or greater than 54mm, neck thickness less than 20mm or greater than 23mm, any trim or decor that is highly personalized to the buyer, i.e., symbols and/or initials, etc.

The nation’s largest importer of Cocobolo, African Blackwood, and Ziricote is close to me and fully seasoned sets can be obtained with a phone call, please inquire for pricing. These are priced individually according to what I pay for them.

European varieties of spruce are available, cost determined at inquiry.


Extra strings: inquire

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