Assembling the box….

I’ve tried different ways to attach the top and the back to the ribs. The first few I used kerfed linings. Then I tried solid linings. One day, on a whim, while standing next to my table saw, router table, and a stack of 30″ strips of Spanish cedar, I fabricated a few dozen linings with the kerf reversed. My last few guitars utilized these linings, and I was pleased with the result. Though making those linings with the reversed kerf was kinda tedious. When I run out of the current batch, I may consider buying them pre-made. Although I have a LOT of 30″ Spanish cedar strips on hand….

On my current batch, I used the reversed kerf linings for the back, but on yet another whim, I decided to go old school and use the traditional Spanish method of tentallones for the top. On the one hand, it was tedious. On the other, there was no rush to fit and clamp the top perfectly before the glue set. Tedious just became leisurely. Simply clamp the sides to the top and glue the tentallones in place at a nice and easy pace. And it looks kinda cool, although the end user will not see it unless he or she puts an inspection mirror inside.